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Organizations use Emerj to drive growth 
that scales through peer-to-peer learning

Join the Workplace of Tomorrow


Anyone, anywhere, can connect with the best expert colleague for 1-on-1 advice or job shadowing, so they can be more productive and engaged.


Create a culture of giving while empowering your people to hone their leadership skills and recognizing potential at scale.


Make smarter, data-driven decisions and make a lasting business impact. Get a full picture of your company’s collective needs and opportunities.
*The more you use Emerj, the smarter it gets.

Let your people grow

Organizations use Emerj to connects their people to the best source of
guidance so they can deliver better and faster.

Uncover your biggest knowledge resource

Get a 360-degree perspective on the biggest treasure your company is not using (yet) - your people’s skills and previous experience

Break beyond
inner circles

Reach new heights of employee satisfaction and productivity by democratizing access beyond location and function.

Don't wait,

Identify opportunities within your company and tap into the potential you discovered to accelerate market leadership

The Cost of Disconnect

of an average employee’s time is spent seeking information to do their job.

increase of retention rates for mentors and mentees.

more likely that employees
would be promoted when
involved in an effective
mentorshop program.

revenue of the company is experienced by organizations with actively engaged workforces

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