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that companies grow themselves

The people that make the magic happen

Chedva Kleinhandler

CEO & Co-founder

Hannit Cohen

CTO & Co-founder

Gal Halfon

Head of Biz Dev & CS

Rachelle Benedict

Sales Development

Shai Bargil

Head of Sales

Guided by the best in the business

EMERJ cracked the code on connecting and optimizing the supply and demand for giving and receiving coaching within your organization! And, as the expert network you're tapping into knows your culture - they can provide guidance in context for optimal impact & success where it will be put into action!
Peter Phelan
I believe that Emerj will redefine the way people and companies connect and grow. As a CEO of a global company and as an advisor in many startups, I understand the need and impact that knowledge sharing inside the organizations have on the company culture, the team, and their success
Zion Halfon
Emerj is at the right place and right time to enhance employee engagement through mentoring, knowledge sharing and connectedness. The team lives and breathes its values and I know they will conquer and shape the future of work.
Shira Ronen
Spectrum Consulting

Our Values


Trust is the starting point

We believe that trust is the most crucial building block of any meaningful endeavor. Dependable connections, authentic conversations and true growth can only happen after establishing trust - and we commit to having trust as the starting point for any communication, relationship or product we ever build


A fundamental element of
any business

We’re here on a mission to build something that is absolutely fundamental - and to build up people fundamentally while we’re at it. Working at Emerj or using our products should be meaningful and not just nice-to-have, it’s the only way to drive real transformation.


Humans are not machines.

Technology & AI are the future, and will continue to evolve every day, but without humans, they are devoid of meaning. We’re a humans-first company, who will always apply our human super power - empathy - to any situation, and always remember that tech is here to serve humans and not vice versa, no matter how shiny or cool it is.

Warm & Friendly

You are always welcome.

We don’t believe in genius assholes. Kindness is number one on our checklist, our gut check, our internal seismograph. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.


Making a difference together

We believe in individuals and in the collective magic of their shared knowledge. We’re here to provide the tools for us to change the world together. Our real impact is helping you succeed.

Paradigm Shift

To infinity and beyond.

There’s the smart and experienced way of doing things… and then there’s our way. We believe in the power of naivete, of asking obvious questions, of being child-like and curious and having the guts to identify what’s not working and even what’s working “fine” but could be spectacular and finding ways to make it so.

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