Generation Z is Going to Change the World – and They Are Changing the Workplace First

Generation Z is going to change the world.

They, like every other generation that came before them, and every generation that will likely come after them, are determined to do things different, and they will.

For now, however, they aren’t the global leaders, radical disruptors and big thinkers they will be down the road – for now they are our employees; and they are starting to make an impact by changing the face of work.

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z, loosely defined as those born between 1994-2004, is the future.

They are the ones learning to read on iPad apps, learning to drive on electrical cars and discovering love on social media.

Unlike previous generations, Generation Z does not remember the world before responsive consumption driven websites, hyper segmentation and deep-rooted integration of technology. As a result, they expect more, and they expect it all fast.

What Makes Generation Z So Different?

If you think Generation Z is going out of its way to do things different from Millennials, you’re absolutely right. Generation Z was brought up in a world that is post 9/11, is full of uncertainty, is instantly accessible, and is, above all, incredibly digital.

What this means is that Generation Z is more tech-literate than any generation even imagined. They are social media natives that will not make the mistake of trusting or oversharing like millennials, however they will use technology to their complete advantage.

As opposed to Millennials, Generation X’ers etc, Generation Z is adept at researching, and particularly self-educating, however they are more inclined to do so when the topics interest them. This importance of interests alongside the rise of the DIY culture changed the way Generation Z perceives career paths, and more Generation Z’ers report wanting to start their own business, work on their own terms, and, more importantly, work on something they are passionate about.

Building a Personal Brand of One

Generation Z is also uniquely aware of the impact they make in society and on the environment. As a result, they want to make a difference and be a part of things that drive real impact.

While Generation Z cares about improving diversity and conserving the planet, they also care about the way the things they do impact how others see them and are deeply focused on their own personal brand.

In fact, for many Generation Z’ers, a bulk of their actions will be dictated by the way that will affect their own brand of one. For example, Generation Z’ers that place diversity as important to them on a personal level, will only attend diverse universities, work in companies that have diverse corporate cultures, and seek out diverse communities to live in. This is because they want their choices to reflect their personal beliefs, and vice versa.

What is Changing Already Today?

The most notable change that can be seen today is the way businesses market their products. In the past, many believed that ‘if it was in print or on TV, it was true.’ Generation Z is not as innocent.

They understand the internet, they breathe online shopping, and they expect a cross-screen experience from every brand they engage with. Since they were born into a world overloaded with content, Generation Z’ers often seek out bite-sized content that can be consumed in single-digit seconds, and brands must react accordingly.

Another place that is changing rapidly is the workforce. While the bulk of Generation Z’ers rely on an allowance, more and more are graduating college and entering the workforce each day, and they expect more from their employers.

The ability to learn independently means Generation Z’ers want to on-demand access to knowledge, however the information needs to be shared in small dosages. The reliance on technology means that Generation Z wants everything to be digital, however the awareness of personal privacy means that the technology they use has to be secure.

How Employers are Rising to the Challenge

Millennials changed the way offices look and feel, and Generation Z is changing the way companies engage with employees.

Companies today have flexible employment structures, pay employees in cryptocurrency and recruit using social tools, however the most notable way in which businesses are changing has to do with employee happiness and growth.

Companies today rely on innovative tools to recruit employees, while others have created new roles that are dedicated to employee happiness and learning. These companies are doing so out of the understanding personal growth is just as important to the new generation of employees as professional growth, and they both serve to advance the personal brand of one that Generation Z values.

The key to ensuring that Generation Z employees benefit from the new learning technologies is ensuring that it is 100% private and that information is bite-sized and on-demand. This means that employees should be given the freedom to learn what they want, when they want, in small dosages just like they want.

Despite the prominent role technology has on the lives of Generation Z’ers, many are seeking what previous generations took for granted: technology free human interaction. The most forward-thinking companies with the strongest desire for young innovative minds are already using technology to help employees build meaningful connections with their coworkers.

The way they often do that is by partnering with companies such as Emerj that offer on-demand scalable growth sharing platforms.

It’s Generation Z’s World

Generation Z comprises over 30% of the global population which means that they are, in fact, the future.

Their unique blend of tech-savviness and compassion coupled with self-determination and awareness will make them strong employees and even stronger members of society.

Generation Z is going to change the world, and they are only just getting started.

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